Getting Involved


Bible Study Fellowship St Christopher’s is proud to partner with BSF. This ministry has long been a significant agent in the maturing of Christians, to become Biblically literate, in an age when there is woefully low understanding, and hence, low perception of God, or of being His people from God’s own words to us, His […]

Leaders are made, no – forged, not born

The world’s idea of leadership is celebrity, super gifted charismatic personalities, competent and sure. While there is certainly merit in this and we need dynamic daring leaders who know that we must step out, risk, but do so with discerned prudence of the moment and the future, as well as informed of the past. Not […]

First will be last, the last, first

When you clicked on this box, surely there is an expectation ofo some specific roles. We will share that below – but there is something greater to consider. It is about the best way to serve and also the best way to grow and become more like Jesus, which will make you even more effective, […]

What is Mission?

What is mission? Going to foreign lands to people who’ve never heard of Jesus’ name?Telling people here who know little of Jesus’ name other than as a swear slang?Doing social justice globally? Doing social justice here in NZ & Christchurch?Loving those in our ordinary lives and helping them on the journey towards God?All of the […]


There are roles that are vital to a church, unique specific roles. They are not the cool public ones, but are special and make it possible to do ministry face-to-face and as a church. Do you like books… We have a trust that collects, sorts and fuels two book stores our trust operates, as well […]

Prayer – the steam engine!

We value prayerEverything we do is great, but of no real lasting value if God is not empowering it, using it, and led from Him. At St Christopher’s we really value prayer – a lot! If you are person who is called, burdened and gifted in prayer, let us know! We’d love to get you […]

Next Generations

Babies to kids, kids to youth, youth to young adult… vital transitional seasons, our treasures and our future! Do you enjoy working with children? – Oasis – Sunday morning formation (10.30am service) for children toddler through primary – Mainly Music – Mondays 9.30am-11am with babies through pre-school age *direct, support & pastoral roles – Holiday […]

Serving in our Services

There are so many ways Anglicans involve a lot of people in and around a service. Some say it is a burdensome way of doing church, the alternative is a narrow group of “experts” that easily are perceived as an “in crowd” an elite who a few would feel are the vicar’s favourites. No, Anglicans […]