Learning English

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We here at St Christopher’s are a church family from every continent! UK & China, Australia & Europe, SE Asia, Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub-continent & the USA, and Tanga te Whenua… yet we are one people, God’s family and His church. Everyone is welcome – there is room at the table!

In helping our kiwi families from other lands who do not speak English with confidence, we host free informal English lessons, designed around normal “get along” and thrive in New Zealand society. We have dozens of people in our classes. There is no expectation or requirement to join, other than wanting to become more confident.

Our classes are led by qualified education professionals and they have a team of people committed to walk with you in gaining confidence. We hold our classes on once weekly, both morning and evening, for 90minutes during school terms.

Interested? Contact our office, (03) 358.8780 or connect@stchristophers.org.nz. We look forward to meeting you!