Serving in our Services

There are so many ways Anglicans involve a lot of people in and around a service. Some say it is a burdensome way of doing church, the alternative is a narrow group of “experts” that easily are perceived as an “in crowd” an elite who a few would feel are the vicar’s favourites. No, Anglicans involving a lot of people in our gathered worship, while it can be demanding to manage, schedule and organise people in so many roles and ways, it is a theological statement and a weaving together holistically of the body, where people can make their own contribution, using their gifts, talents and passions! Our attitude is that we want as many as possible to contribute and to have different people doing different roles.

Some of these include, but are not limited to~
– Worship Teams (musicians, singers, etc)
– Tech people, Data & sound people, videographers
– Readers who read the Scripture texts in ways that bring them alive and raise up within people a desire to hear God’s Word
– People involved in prayer, either leading the “Prayers of the People” (intercessions prayed in the service) or the prayer team that prays with people after they take communion, as needed. There is also prayer teams that meet during the week of different types.
– Eucharist assistants who help serve communion with the priests each week
– Sacristans who prepare and do the ablutions (cleaning involving consecrated bread & wine) after of Communion
– Service leaders (Liturgical Assistants) who lead a service, facilitating people connecting with God, individually & together.
– Sides People and Service Directors who help the service flow, facilitating the worship behind the scenes roles of the service
– Welcomers who have a desire to make every soul coming in know they are welcome, they belong and they are loved
– Preparing morning tea after each service and helping serve it. This “continuation of our Eucharist & Communion” is vital to being a true Family of God. The medium is the message and creating the space for people to relate and share food/drink together is powerful in this formation of us as a people.
– Preaching/Teaching Team is a group of women and men, lay & priests, who teach and preach in concert with the vicar’s vision and plan for teaching/preaching. Some are experts in specific areas. Some are ready to pitch in more or less often. Yet, it’s important to have different voices, styles and contributions by different people at different times. Having some experience is great, but we develop our team and use peer coaching to help our team grow and improve.

As we said, this list is not exhaustive. There are other ways! Let us know what God is saying to you!

Most people begin with a desire to participate, but rarely step up to do some up front role immediately. Most want to begin small, grow and become comfortable even participating. If you care, you want it done well, then possibly you might consider one of the roles, or exploring another way you might help with services. As one is ready, we encourage they might consider expanding or taking on a new role.

These are also ways we develop our leadership within our body, within the church. Few people are identified, encouraged and empowered, and therefore never reach their potential and experience the joy of facilitating others’ worship. We want to make room for you to join and serve!