What is Mission?

What is mission?
Going to foreign lands to people who’ve never heard of Jesus’ name?
Telling people here who know little of Jesus’ name other than as a swear slang?
Doing social justice globally?
Doing social justice here in NZ & Christchurch?
Loving those in our ordinary lives and helping them on the journey towards God?
All of the above and more?

We would like to see this effort balanced and a concerted effort across every front. We have missionaries with whom we’d like to see real relationship fostered in practical ways! We want to bless them, get them investing in our church life here, help us grow in our passion and commitment! We care and support an orphanage in Africa, and care about the persecuted church in places where even saying His name is illegal.

We also care about the social structures that have allowed systemic injustices and want to see “His Kingdom come on earth as in Heaven!

After Covid 19 we have some tangible economic woes that are making life difficult for our own church members and our community. We can make a difference, every person giving just a little to help make it better! We are working on this, but need some people who can work as part of a team, sustaining what we have been doing with St Ambrose, an Anglican Mission in the east of the city, and to expand this effort. What is God saying to you?

And we want to see our family and friends discover that God is good, to taste, see and smell the fresh aroma of Christ for themselves. How can we help our own people live this daily?

Who knows what moves you most, but we want to mobilise and empower people that our church is a holistic healthy body. We can’t do everything, and we’re only called to do a few. These things need leadership and people who care and will lean in. What is God saying to you?