Next Generations

Babies to kids, kids to youth, youth to young adult… vital transitional seasons, our treasures and our future!

Do you enjoy working with children?
– Oasis – Sunday morning formation (10.30am service) for children toddler through primary
– Mainly Music – Mondays 9.30am-11am with babies through pre-school age *direct, support & pastoral roles
– Holiday Programmes – during term breaks programme for primary age kids *multiple roles

Do you enjoy working with teens (intermediate & secondary)?
– Life group leaders
– Youth Leaders in various roles *support, fun, planning, etc
– Camps
– 24/7 on school campuses
– Retreats and camps

Do you have a passion for young adults?
University and young working and professional adults ask hard questions, begin defining their own convictions and core world view and value systems. They want healthy and Godly input. You facilitate more than lead, you influence in relationships more than tell.
– Life Group Leaders
– Retreats, trips
– Mentoring

All of our ministries in these three segments are ministry to the church present and equipping, forming, lifting up the generations who will lead the church in the future. We take them serious and we target our resources on them! We choose people called, discern gifting and the ability to connect. We begin with come along, hang out, let’s see how you get along.

We also do full precautionary police checks and references for everyone. If you’re sensing God’s lead and you possess gifts in these areas, do not be dissuaded for checking this out. These precautions are exactly what any parent and healthy leader would expect for their people, especially these young vulnerable ages. We also do professional development for leaders and leaders in these specific ministries, including professional standards.

If you’re interested but not sure, come explore, start with a coffee with the associated leader and get acquainted. Then come tag along and just help… let’s see what God wants to do.

Email and we’ll get the right person in contact!