Young Adults

Where our young adults (university age through 20’s) come together to share life and grow in following Christ together.

Young adults deconstruct what they’ve been given.  We want a safe place to wrestle hard topics, theology and life.  We work to help reconstruct our faith.  We provide a safe place to wrestling, study God’s Word, as well as worship, have fun and share life together.

Authentic community is a priority goal, a safe space to relate with God and each other, to grow in living a life of serving others and each other.



Questions, observing, making sense of it for my life right now…  how do I find God in this crazy world?  Does He even notice or care?  Who is this God?  What does it even mean to follow Jesus, huh?

Every 1st and 3rd Monday, we begin at 6.30p with a home cooked dinner – filling and healthy, until dessert anyway!  After we “adjourn” to the lounge (LOL) and discover together.  A couple of skeptics who now love it, talk about how it’s the first time they’ve actually enjoyed digging into the Bible and that they were surprised as they anticipated Monday..  EVERY ONE is welcome!   Contact and we’ll get back with you ASAP for details of location, etc.


At present this looks like fun events.

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