The Crew – Young Adults

Where our young adults (university age through 20’s) come together to share life and grow in following Christ together in every day life and relationships.

Young adults want a safe place to wrestle hard topics, theology and life.  Where is God in everyday life, and what is it to actually be a Christian, a disciple?  We work to help construct our faith that will sustain us through our lives today and in the future.

This is an authentic community, relationships that begin where you are today – faithful, skeptic, but you’re welcome.  A priority goal is a safe space to relate with God and each other, to grow in living a life of serving others and each other.



Questions, observing, making sense of it for my life right now…  how do I find God in this crazy world?  Does He even notice or care?  Who is this God?  What does it even mean to follow Jesus, huh?

2022:  30 January 2022, 6p…join us at St Christopher’s!


Contact and we’ll get back with you ASAP for details of location, etc.