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Comment conversation/discussion on use of and transformational power of “ritual”

Please take a moment and read the article and then engage with the conversation at the end.  While this article isn’t perfect and does not directly engage worship ritual, individual or congregational, it deals with sociology and psychology of people, and therefore is linked in the comments afterwards. We need highly formal rituals in order to […]

The Religious Life of Gen Z & what next?

THIS IS NOT JUST AN IMPORTANT ARTICLE TO READ – IT IS A VITAL ARTICLE YOU MUST READ!  Give the article a read (see link at bottom) then, give this a read… You may not like it – but I can testify as any other missiologist of the western society will attest, it is deadly […]

Peace vs Christ

Why commend this article to you? Simple really – we’re humanly much more disposed to say nothing, “peace at all costs” rather than discerningly and shrewdly, and socially handling well, the confrontation issue, the “push back” on things that are not true, or inaccurate, and it seems, because Christians are supposed to always be “nice” […]

9 Things You Should Know About the Christian Calendar

DECEMBER 1, 2019  |  JOE CARTER  ©Lightstock  Today marks the first Sunday in Advent, the first day of the Christian calendar. Here are nine things should know about the cycle of liturgical seasons observed within many Christian churches: 1. The Christian calendar (also known as the liturgical calendar or ecclesiastical calendar) is an annual schedule that commemorates […]

Christian Grief – Walking Through Twilight

December 7, 2019 by Michael F. Bird At some point, we all will ask ourselves the question, why do I hurt? It seems inevitable that in our lives we will face suffering and hardship and eventually be confronted with the penultimate reality of our own death. And it is remarkably refreshing that Christianity deals with […]


THIS IS A LENGTHY BLOG POST. It is the daily day by day walk through the four Gospels, plus a few select key passages that help us experience that Passion week as the disciples and Jesus experienced it. Why did things happen as they did? What actually took place on what day? Who was the […]

Lament is not a whinge, but the heart poured out to the one who knows you

Thriving, not just surviving in seasons of ache and loss  //  Written specifically for St Christopher’sAnglican Church, during the Covid-19 Physical Isolation Season 2020 Thriving, not surviving through lament is not something we’re accustomed to. Today as we grow weary of the reality that we’re in this historic global pandemic and the flood of media […]

Older People & the Church

Have a read of this article.  My comment in response and support:  Homogeny of any type is detrimental to the church – in its presence in the world, in its ministry to the community and bringing of the (WHOLE) Gospel, in its discipleship of the people.  Learning to weave our lives into holistic community is […]

The Understructure of Infant Baptism: Covenant Theology

December 2, 2019 by Jack Lee In my last article, I offered some explanation as to why so many American Evangelicals don’t understand the theology and practice of infant baptism. I argued that, due to a preconditioned hermeneutic to read the Bible with a dispensational paradigm, many miss the cultural and scriptural substrata (Covenant Theology) […]