There are roles that are vital to a church, unique specific roles. They are not the cool public ones, but are special and make it possible to do ministry face-to-face and as a church.

Do you like books… We have a trust that collects, sorts and fuels two book stores our trust operates, as well as operates several book fairs throughout the year. These are contributed and help fuel our ministries and keep our church campus going. The role is not public, it’s handling books and helping run these events. Let us know and we’ll get you in touch.

Administration is one of those highly consuming in hours, often simple tasks, but so vital and helpful! All of our ministries relay upon people who can contribute, contact people, print and assemble, etc.

We’d love some one to help with our media side of our public face. Some roles include web manager, social media manager, photographers, videographers, creative design, poster design.

Building Team helps keep it all in good nick. Like this work, let us know?