First will be last, the last, first

When you clicked on this box, surely there is an expectation ofo some specific roles. We will share that below – but there is something greater to consider. It is about the best way to serve and also the best way to grow and become more like Jesus, which will make you even more effective, and more aware and discerning what God might be saying He has for you to do. Please give this entire page a read!

If you want to be a disciple of the Rabbi, Jesus, it’s not through star leadership, but in the humility, imitation and embracing the character and nature of Jesus, giving yourself away, serving. Jesus washed dirty feet of a bunch of people on His very last mortal life.

There is no limit of ways to serve in the needed and vital tasks, and is a great place to become a better disciple, the way to love unconditionally. These also fuel other ministry, they are the foundation. So, thank you for taking the time to even read this.

Here is a very non-exhaustive list you can consider:
– Kitchen
– Cleaning around the building
– Lawns & gardens
– Trust & book ministry
– Administrative helps for ministries within the church
– Sunday service help, such as preparing for the service, clean up after, support help during
– Linens, ironing, washing, restocking… all of these roles are regular and ongoing.

A question in discerning where and what is to ask yourself with whom are you already associated and are they doing something? If yes, maybe you do it together? If not, maybe you figure out what you can do together? Is there someone whom you respect and being around them would be encouraging for you, maybe you do it with them, joining or beginning with them? Is there some one in whom you’d like to invest and you two could share together a task?

But more so, consider how you might be like Jesus within a relationship. Is there a neighbour, a person who has real need? Is there an elderly person who could use a hand cleaning their home? Taking care of their garden? Is there a single parent with kids, over worked, little time, exhausted? How could you make their life on any ordinary day better? How might you bless the kids, to make them more whole & that they might taste and see how God is good? Is there financial need you could help, even if it hurts, you have to do without something for another’s sake?

This is important – do not rust past this! You see, when this humility, not doing it with any benefit for yourself, ongoing relationship, a commitment for months and years makes real difference. Yep, it’s easier to do a one off, feel better about ourselves, and move on, able to choose if and then when and with whom we might give ourselves in some practical way. The commitment to walk with some one in need for a long time, it costs. It challenges our individualistic cultural self. Sure there is place for the greater impact of joining efforts, but the more that happens within a circle of relationships, the better… a life group, a ministry, up to a church and even a diocese! BUT it begins at the ground, a pair of eyes that knows the person, cares and commits.

So, who in your life needs – really honestly needs a committed blessing of them by another? How can you be a part of this love?

If you have an interest, email and we’ll be in touch, or if you prefer, contact the office directly.