Lessons and expanded capabilities through the Covid era that support you!

Though we have passed the various protocols for Covid 19 by the government used during 2020-2022, we are still aware there could be further surges or a reintroduction of protocols.  We have the ability to adjust and support whatever level of support your group desires.

During this time, it forced us to grow in our ability to support venue use by our own ministry as well as our clients hiring the facility.

With this said, in these changing times with Covid-19, we do oblige the government protocols and are required to by our vicar and leadership team, our bishop and the civil authorities.  We do not introduce precautions beyond the required levels.  As we are all learning and growing this will change as we move forward.

If you need support  We’ve not been an exception, including easy systems to simulcast regularly not just specific services, but special events, and how to better use spaces within protocols.

So, for use of our campus, we can now:
1.  Simulcast to a site of your choosing, or through our YouTube Channel for specific events.
2.  We can simulcast into an adjacent large hall/room, allowing you to stay within the 100 person limit of Level 2 Alert, with full interacting microphone ability, social distancing, quality audio visual live from the church, etc.
3.  This provides for separate toilet facilities and separate entrances and we provide QR codes and written registries as needed.