Much, Much More!

Within St Christopher’s we also engage at a relational level when people are in need, weddings and funerals, important life celebrations, parties and hosting a number of ongoing and one-off events (political referenda symposia).

Some of our regular ongoing ministries from outside our church, which  we host include:

  • Bible Study Fellowship Courses for men and women meet here
  • We host Lamp Korean Church, which has become a part of the family here!  They meet Sundays 2p plus several events each week.
  • Indian Mar Thoma Congregation
  • Community Carols is important to us and we’re invested in this every Christmas with our sister churches.
  • World Day of Prayer

Some of our ongoing community programmes include:

  • U3A – We host three large U3A groups during each week’s schedule.
  • Senior Chef weekly
  • Probus Merrin Ladies monthly
  • Operation Coverup makes and sends knitted wooden items overseas to places of great need

You can look on the front page of the site for upcoming events or series also.  From a Grief Seminar by a globally respected expert, to cooking for young adults (healthy, affordable, fast and yummy!) for when they are over it eating instant noodles and beans, from political referenda symposia to other community needs, we’re here to serve.