Smashing Holiday Programme in April School Break!

Another smashing Holiday Programme!
One person who didn’t get it, or wasn’t listening, though the Holiday Programme is established and clear, it was just to provide a “fun time for kids” or “childcare”  during school holidays!

We so want everyone to understand our remit:  our Holiday Programme is fun, and parens working trust us with their kids during the break, but it’s purpose is for them to taste, experience and learn about Jesus and the truth of Jesus’ call for people to know Him, follow Him, and join in His body (the church) in the Kingdom work and mission!   This is first.  They are not just exposed but given the compelling and hope filled news of Jesus!

It is also, second, but important (!), but a very, very important young leader farm system!  We grow leaders!   Miriam, Jack, Sarah, Luke and so many others are products of our HP!

AND the programme is self funding, even helping our stipend for our Children and Families Pastor, Stephanie Thomson.