Wednesday 10am

This is a beloved congregation.  When younger ones do get to attend, they discover the more reflective, quiet and centred form of worship is very appealing.  Our healthy traditional service, using our Anglican British Book of Common Prayer remains a favourite.

Our Wednesday 10am congregation is a strong group parishioners who worship together and then share a meaningful morning tea together.  The service moves without extra words or explanation, using the Book of Common Prayer as its liturgical guide.  It receives the same quality preaching and Eucharist (Communion) as the weekend services.  This congregation of about sixty people total, seeing 30-35 on a given week.

There is room at the table for you!  You are most welcome.

Schedule Note:  

While meeting almost every week through the year, this service does take a summer break when our weekend services combine to one shared worship service, allowing our teams of leaders and priests, to go on holiday.  This is from the last week of December, returning the third week of January.  When we approach these weeks, we put a notice on the front home page of the site under events, at the top.