Sunday 9am

A larger service where traditional worship is expressed.

This service follows the New Zealand Anglican Prayer Book and liturgy versions for different seasons.  It includes teaching and the Eucharist (Great Thanksgiving, Communion) and celebrates together using more traditional hymns.  With these said, it has the same celebratory culture.

One thing we do together at the beginning, we share “Good Stories” where we’ve seen God show up this week in big and small ways,  where we’ve been encouraged.  So much is often so sad or negative, we set the tone by sharing this celebration every week.

Afterwards, we have a joyful morning tea in the adjacent hall, as the 10.30am service gets going.  Many of this congregation continue at a nearby  establishment, Monteith’s, enjoying authentic relational connection.  Everyone is welcome.

From here, people often connect into Life Groups and other ministries to our people and to others yet to join our community of faith.

You are welcome!  There is always room at our table!