Sunday 10:30am

A larger service where contemporary worship is expressed.

This service targets families , but has people of all ages in attendance.  It follows the same format as the 9am service, using the NZ Anglican Prayer Book Liturgies, but contemporary forms of worship.  We have a high value and celebrate our formation in teaching and our celebration of The Eucharist (Great Thanksgiving, Communion) each week.

This service has our Oasis children’s ministry operating during school terms and facilitates worship during those in-between weeks.

Our 10.30am service has our largest contingent of immigrants to NZ and our church.  There are members from around the world, Asia to the UK, South Africa, Australia, India, Africa, Europe and the US.   Our Asian immigrants find this the most accessible service and there are members who can help them not just with language, but socially and practically.  We birthed a day and evening ESOL classes and several new immigrants have found themselves connected through this ministry.

This slightly more relaxed service begins during our gathering by celebrating “Good Stories” where people openly share the practical and great ways they have been encouraged or God has shown up in the past week.  In a world with so much pain, we choose to remember and celebrate the joy also!

Afterwards we continue our time in a fun morning tea, many sharing lunch after this.  This is a great way to get to know God and us, and explore Life Groups, and other ministries for our members and for our community who is yet to know Jesus.

Everyone is welcome without any judgement and we hope you will feel this also!  There is always room at the table for you.