48 Hours of prayer Rinse & Repeat

September 3-5 We’re doing another 48 hours of prayer~

9th-11th July we focused praying for every hour for 48 straight hours, creating a space where God could speak.  Yes, God speaks and hears us wherever and whenever. Yet, God also specifically speaks in specific places at specific times and calls us to pray as a people also.  At times there was one sentinel.  At other times as many as nine people at any time.  On Friday evening we had a worship time together, praying and singing, and sharing communion together.


We await what God has said, what the Spirit will do amongst and through us!


Join us 3-5 September when we host this again – another opportunity to pray with us!

15th-19th September we are reading through the Scriptures, 24 hours a day from Genesis through to Revelation.

Join us!