Young Adults – and Life Beyond Noodles

So you’re an adult now… you have to literally feed yourself. Spag on toast, canned beans, and Ramon instant noodles, along with boring as sammies is gagging you!

You’re in great fortune! For four weeks in August, we’re hosting Life Beyond Noodles. There is not catch.

Simply register so we can plan enough food, come along and make simple, affordable, fresh and healthy and yum meals… begin building your own recipe favourites. As Susanne shows you how she prepared our now young adult sons for life beyond boring and being the enjoy of their mates. Like you, they are busy, and not interested in making gourmet and can’t afford it, have no interest in hours in the kitchen and extensive clean up… but they quickly prepare meals their mates want to eat also.

More than just the learning, it is done in a very informal, laughter filled fun time, where you’ll eat the meals, take home left overs and the recipe and it costs you nothing. Most, you’ll do this with your friends and meet others in a fun environment and no one is trying to “pick you up!”

Come casual as. Just register so we can plan… email Joanna at You can also make any inquiry in your email.

Hope to see you there.