Baptisms upcoming

On Patronal Sunday, 25th July, for St Christopher’s – when we celebrate our patron saint, Christopher, we are excited to see several of our teens be baptised.  

*We are also doing a baptism for Anne and Leo Ngayen on 13th June, as their family has to move to Auckland for work!  We anticipate this day with them and long for their return as soon as possible!  


We’re watching some amazing growth in our teens, and their friends coming.  They have initiated this desire to be baptised themselves and want to be counted as part of God’s church.  

They make professions of faith, and the church (us) and God (via the agency and presence of our presiding vicar) make covenant them as part of Christ’s body.  We anticipate their confirmation in the coming months! 🙂

It’s not too late – no matter your age.  If you’d like to be baptised, reach our to Michael, our vicar (, and arrange a conversation to explore this for yourself!