Parish Shared Worship and Lunch 28 November

On Sunday the 28th, all our congregations shared worship together – more and more of those suspicious of the “new music” or the “old music” discovering the common heart, story and desire of other congregations.  And, who can deny enjoying the same story acted out and retold in new creative ways (thanks, Sarah McEwan!) by the kids.  Our Oasis (Children’s) and Embers (Intermediate) supported by Forge (Youth) did a splendid job!

Afterwards the shared lunch was absolutely fantastic.  When our Vicar, Michael left (2pm) after 2 ½ hours, there were still people there laughing, connecting, enjoying one another!

The discovery that morning of the roots of Advent (coming) are founded in the very venerated seven feasts of the Hebrew People, the four spring ones full fulfilled on the very days, very hours of the Old Covenant festival celebrations in Jesus’s propitiation for us, and the coming Autumn feasts (3) pointing to Messiah’s return!   This, in such trying times, giving us such affirmation and confidence!

Also on this day, we announced to the congregations that Rev John Fox is joining our parish in mid-January, assisting Michael as we move forward and make real impact in West Christchurch.