Our Current Teaching Series

Churches are groups of people, who like any other people group, share a story and share a common vision. For God’s people this unity is formed and forged in the shared journey of worship; Eucharist, Prayer, the Word and the Teaching (preaching). We are very intentional in what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how we do it. This includes the shaping of our church – people – through the teaching.

Our recently completed a series include Conflict resolution and Giving is Worship (concluding 2 August). We also had a great Sunday for our Patronal Festival celebrating our patron saint, Christopher, along with four baptisms and an awesome lunch.

Upcoming series include:
Anglican is the New Black (August & September) after a break in our series of a couple of weeks, we’ll enter into a great look into what it means to be the people of God as Anglicans and our local charism of being Anglicans in our community. Many people come to our communion from other starts, and have never had it shared and often, we have been bedazzled about some positive things celebrated in other traditions and yet don’t even know our own. As a result, many do not even know what is it to be an Anglican and when they find out are heartily surprised. You can not go anywhere without know from where you come. You cannot move into the call upon your life if you do not know who you are, understand the why’s and the how’s. We’re a complex lot living in the unity of diversity, the tension of paradoxical theological conclusions, or guesses anyway. The desire is that at the end of it, we’ll be proud and excited, confident in knowing who we are and why and know our contribution to the church catholic (universal) and have our bedazzle to share with our heads high and affirmed.

Also in the back half of this year is a day with +Peter here, and while with us, we’ll have several confirmations and lunch. There is a day of exploring Islam and how we might share in a healthy way who we are as followers of Jesus, apart from the cultural baggage we’ve inherited.

Early next year, after the January low Sundays, we launch into a good walk through 1 Peter, exerting it verse and passage by verse… Unique to our study is that’s we are being guided by a commentary that is composed of leaders globally, so all ethnic and cultural voices of theologians spoke into the consensus of Peter’s letter, in an effort to remove or at least be aware of our own cultural spectacles that colour our view without us realising it. We want to hear God’s Spirit clearly.

In forming our community, growing, sensing where God is taking us, we invested fourteen weeks over about twenty, making room for significant church calendar dates, eg Easter, for a long series called “Follow the Rabbi.”  In this series we reviewed our perception of what a Christian is, is about, our goals, motivations and practical habits of how we live our lives.  We’re now celebrating, along with a break, Pentecost… and then we begin several series. 

~ Spring 2020 we’re doing a stint of stand alone teaching sermons on different topics from world views and the meaning of life, to Christians engaging in a world where we share our life with Muslims, and doing right in our own eyes, and more.  

~ We begin summer with Advent and living into the God’s Calendar and not Hallmark’s and why frame your life around our God and King.  

We’ve got some where to go – coming with us?