Upcoming Series; Conflict, Money & being an Anglican… what??? :-)

In forming our community, growing, sensing where God is taking us, we invested fourteen weeks over about twenty, making room for significant church calendar dates, eg Easter, for a long series called “Follow the Rabbi.”  In this series we reviewed our perception of what a Christian is, is about, our goals, motivations and practical habits of how we live our lives.  We’re now celebrating, along with a break, Pentecost… and then we begin several series. 

The first is Conflict Resolution.  Conflict is normal.  Getting over it is a bit harder.  Forgiving, being forgiven, confession and canceling debt, working how to go forward unified and healthy, afresh is not as simple as it sounds.  What does God say and how do we do it!? We’re investing four weeks on this topic!

Then we turn to a three week series on Giving is Worship.  John Wesley, famous priest, pastor, evangelist, disciple formation leader in our church said, “The last part of the soul converted: the purse.”  The bottom line is a) trust, and b) investing where our heart places it’s values and therefore, priorities.  We’re looking at this topic, often tabboo, even more complex to overtly discuss in our tradition(!) in July! 

Following is our celebration of our Patron Saint, St Christopher, and on this day, with a great one service together, a family reunion of all, and a great meal together, we also will have baptisms!  That is scheduled for the last weekend in July.

Our final significant series for the year is Anglican is the New Black.  What is it to be an Anglican today, in 2020?  Why do we do what we do?  What do we value?  Where are we going?  What is the call, charge, exhortation, invitation and encouragement from Christ for us today?  Why be a global communion?  Why be a province and diocese?  What are the roles?  What makes an Anglican Service an Anglican Service?  Calendars? Colours?  Generations?  Common Prayer?  Come have a look, be you cradle Anglican, or grafted in Anglican… and during this time, is a week when +Peter is with us and we’ll do confirmations and have a lunch with him as well – that’s in early October!

We’ve got some where to go – coming with us?