What a great day this past Sunday, Pentecost (31st!)

It was a great Penetcost celebration – face-to-face!

We had a lovely time in both services and the great participation on line by those who could not be with us! 

The unity in community was palpable!
Being together, worshiping and seeing one another was great.  Our Vicar, Michael presided and Rev Eric taught.  Vilna was our Liturgical Assistant at 9am and Sarah SG at 10.30am.  We had many people there, but also realise we had many yet vulnerable and not able to be with us as well as it’s Queen’s Birthday weekend, the last until Labour Day in October.  For those gone – pray it is safe, relaxing and restoring.  Blessings on you!

One of the best parts of the day was it being Pentecost – what better day.  A second highlight was our morning tea for each service… in fact, practicing the 3-S’s was very successful and some people even commented we should have people sitting permanently, because it developed our relational connection even more.  Using the protocols, tracking, and sanitising, separation of congregations, all made it safe and yet warm! 

Coming Weeks through Level II
We’ll continue our practice of meeting  using these protocols staying current with the guidance from the government.  We’ll also continue to do our live and posting of our services on YouTube (see our page at the bottom of this site). 

We will have our Eucharist this Wednesday – 10am.  Can’t wait to see you!