Intermediate Youth Group Rebirthed!

It’s back!  Last September we rebirth intermediate youth on Sundays and they’ve become a group unto themselves!  The work of Sarah and Josiah helped make this happen well supporting Jay.  He’s got a three year plan for the year groups 6-8 every Sunday in school terms!  They’ll continue to help Oasis with events, like Nativity plays!

These intermediates have also begun growing into leaders – now several helping with the Children’s Ministry Holiday Programmes!

AND NOW – we’ve relaunched the after school intermediate youth group.  We’re doing this in the afternoons 3.30-5pm to be attractive and accessible by the school kids at Merrin and Westburn Schools, where we have multiple tiered relationships and our both Josiah (Merrin) and Jay (Westburn) do 24/7 work!

This is a safe fun space for kids to have fun, have great older teen role models, safe adult supervision and a fun safe place to explore God.

If you’d like to know more, contact Jay,, or call 03.358.8780