Leadership Lab #2 (rescheduled post C-19) 18 or 25 July

Teams, Organisations, Symphonies all train, all get the same strategy, form a DNA, grow professionally, journey and grow together. It is not less intentionally necessary, even more so as the church. The Spirit leads and empowers, but does so in and through God’s church, Christ’s bride and the evidence of such team (rowing together) is evident right in the Gospels and through the New Testament.

Late last year we began the 1st of eight quarterly Leadership Labs to form us together, to get us thinking, talking, wrestling and journeying together, to know our way of accomplishing what we need to do today in our church at this time… It was a great start. Our plan is to run these every quarter here forth and if you missed the first, it’ll be back after we’ve accomplished the planned other seven! So, join in with us now! We all know – C-19 derailed everything. BUT it’s doable and we’ve rescheduled the 2nd Lab for later July.

Choose ONE of the TWO DATES…. they are one lab scheduled on two weekends, to accommodate our number of people who lead, influence, carry weight and voice in our community of faith… Simply, there is no way to get everyone together on one day, so we are offering the one lab twice. We’ll advertise registration in a few weeks, BUT FOR NOW, mark your calendars!

We’ve got a journey for us going forward! We need every leaders we’ve got. Hope to see you there!