Children & Youth Team Restructure

Change is always unsettling.  As we’ve been building a deeper bench, quite often it feels likes your re-engineering while in flight, in our case, often like a bi-pane going through upgrades to a jet, while in flight!

Our new growing bench of leaders, though young, is amazing!

We are now settling into a new structure of a more complex team, as they’re studying and putting that to practice in ministry while learning!

So, our Children’s and Families Pastor, Sarah Hancock, is the “prefect” (1st amongst equals).  She oversees everything birth through year six, but lends the experience and gifted systems and leadership development skills to support the youth team.  As she directly oversees Oasis (Sunday Mornings), Holiday Programmes (four during school breaks) now with junior and senior tracks, and Mainly Music.

Overseeing Oasis (Sunday Mornings 10.30a) is Jack Hollis.  He also is stepping into 24/7 Youth Work at Merrin School, picking up from Josiah’s path cutting experience there.  Jack is studying at Laidlaw College for a Bachelor’s of Biblical Theology.

Our Holiday Programmes, while Sarah oversees it, is now led by Jack and Miriam.  Jack runs the junior programme (School years 1-4) and Miriam running the senior programme (School years 5-8).  They’ve expanded our capacity and are a vital part of Sarah’s team.

Miriam McFie who was a volunteer leaders with Embers (our Intermediate Ministry, School years 6-8) is now leading Embers on Sundays (10.30a) and after school Thursdays (3.30-5p) as well as leading the Intermediate track at the Holiday Programme.  She has recently begun her degree work at Laidlaw College.

Dani Thompson joins us helping with Forge, our secondary age ministry (School years 9-13),  She brings that balance of a young woman on staff, and brings several years in youth ministry, leading life groups, developing leaders and working camps.  She is also working on a masters degree.

Jay Brantley was leading Embers, and now is our lead youth pastor, leading the Embers and Forge teams, directly active in Forge. He has seven years leading in intermediate and youth contexts with youth groups, camps and Scripture Union Adventure camps.  He continues to do 24/7 Youth Work at West burn, and is on the downhill of his Bachelor’s in Biblical Theology at Laidlaw.


We, the Wardens, John as Associate Priest, and Michael our Vicar, have complete trust in our team, who are known, on the team, all vested in being disciples through the Young Adults and experienced in ministry.  They have our DNA, are teachable and more capable than their age reflects.

Pray with us as they grow into their roles, take up new spaces and lead our next generations!   AND they insisted we celebrate the wide and great team of adults, young adults and youth who work in all of these ministries to make it successful and effective in holistic teams that share the hope and love of Jesus!